It's football time in Oklahoma!

Well not really... we have about 50 days till kick-off but I wanted to make sure everyone was ready to get their spirit on!

I ordered these fab-o zebra and colored onesies.... take a look at how fun they are supporting your favorite team! They run sizes 0-3 through 12-18 months. The colored oneises come in the same sizes and in both short and long sleeve. Animal prints are only available in short sleeve. There are also matching toddler t-shirts (2T-5T) for the colored onesies if you have older children you would like to outfit as well!

Take a look at a few of the styles I have already been selling! Get your orders in soon so you are ready! (pardon the pictures... the crystals on the letter's did not show up too well... so just imagine the dark dots as sparkly!)

For my beloved Sooners.....

and their in-state rivals....

and since we live in Fort Worth... our default "home town team"

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Was it painful to make the OSU one?! Just wondering. :)

  2. Love them! I'd get one but Dean and I have an agreement not to dress the kids in college clothes. We don't agree on

  3. ugh...OSU huh? at least you didn't do any burnt orange ones ;0)

  4. I love these!!! So happy to find your blog!! I live in Florida but I am a Sooner at heart!!! Raised in Oklahoma :)

  5. Nope...didn't hurt at all! Jason's best friend played at OSU while he played at OU... so we root for them when we are not playing them. Most sooner diehard's don't understand, but we are good with it! :o)