Get your spirit on!

We've been off doing this.... so I am just getting back into the groove of creating!

Now that we are back from the summer vacay's....It's time to send the kids back to school and relish the start of FOOTBALL season! It is a ceremonious time at our house and the countdown to the first kickoff is discussed daily!

What better way to enjoy the scorching first games than letting your tootsies breathe and support your favorite team! The team spirit flips come in any color combo you can dream of (well ALMOST any!)... so get your spirit on!

There is also a package deal of flips and matching hairbow for $28 (includes shipping). Flips are $20 per pair (+ shipping).

Email me for special pricing on group orders!

Here are a few of the styles I have done.... you can have the standard 2 ribbon color combo or a fun polka dot or paisley print like the ones below!

I have a really special story about the ones below... you can go here to read about a little town with big hopes for this year's season.... several of these guys are personal friends of ours and we are thrilled to see what they are doing to shape young lives!

get'em ordered quickly while it is still SCORCHING hot out there! Your tootsies will thank you!

For those of you whose children have already gone back... I remember you asking shortly after school let out when it would start again... I think it came sooner than we all expected. I hope each of you enjoyed special moments with your sweet babies!
Thanks again for supporting the little dragonfly!


  1. Saw your creations on a little girl today at my son's preschool. I asked the mom where she got them and they pointed me to you. The flip flops are just adorable. Is there somewhere people can look at the choices of ribbon and buttons? My daughter who was with me loved them and she has a birthday coming up, I would love to get her a pair. You can find me at my blog or email me at Also, if I live close is it possible to arrange a pickup or do you only do delivery by mail?

  2. Once again, I'm wishing I had a daughter. Cute flips!